Why have your business plan and pitch deck made by a Junior-Enterprise?

In the life of every entrepreneur, there comes a time when you have to make your first business plan and pitch deck. However, whether it is your first business plan/pitch deck or you have already designed a few, making a business plan or pitch deck is often a real headache for entrepreneurs who want to raise funds.

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Calling on experienced people to help and accompany you often seems to be an excellent idea, but you don't know who to contact. Junior-Enterprises are usually the best alternatives to help you in your projects. In this article we talk about 3 good reasons to call a Junior-Enterprise to realize your business plan and your pitch decks.  

Use experienced students who know the entrepreneurial ecosystem and your industry.

Before designing a business plan, we can also produce upstream studies that form the basis of the business plan: market studies, quantitative and/or qualitative studies. These preliminary analyses ensure that the Business Plan is based on a real need in a sufficient market.

HEC Junior Conseil has extensive resources to support these studies:

We can draw on HEC's faculty and their expertise on cutting-edge topics


We have access to a particularly exhaustive set of databases, which are very relevant for an approach to the target market.

We work with HEC students who have already done internships in consulting firms and in a wide variety of sectors.

The realization of Business Plans and Pitch Decks is at the heart of the Junior-Enterprises' know-how, and as for any mission we carry out, we are committed to respecting our commitments in terms of: quality, deadlines, and customer satisfaction. Each year, HEC Junior Conseil members carry out numerous missions in various sectors and for companies of all sizes. They are experts in the creation of business plans and are used to assisting companies and projects in creation.

Each year, HEC Junior Conseil designs about fifty business plans and follows as many entrepreneurs in the development of their business and their fundraising.
This experience allows us to have a perfect knowledge of the expectations of Venture Capital funds, Business Angels or BPI France. Calling on HEC Junior Conseil for a business plan is to be sure to meet the expectations of your future investors.

The 18 directors of HEC Junior Conseil are trained by the previous mandate and by our partners: KPMG, Julhiet Sterwen, Oliver Wyman, and therefore respect a high level of quality. Indeed, it is very important that the Business Plan is well structured and aesthetically pleasing, to be easily usable and serve as a support for the development of the company.


Thanks to its location within the business school, a Junior Entreprise is familiar with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and frequently works with incubators. This allows them to fully understand the expectations of clients launching a company, in order to create a business plan and a pitch deck that really meet their needs.

HEC Junior Conseil works regularly with theSSE Île-de-France gas pedal born in 2017 as part of the regional strategy for the development of the Social and Solidarity Economy. It accelerates 30 startups divided into 3 promotions mainly in the fields of disability and social inclusion.

HEC Junior Conseil accompanies SSE nuggets such as Handirect, Inspirience, Baluchon, Moulinot, Cèdre, Ecodair and many others, and has developed business plans and pitch decks to help them develop their business.


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Let yourself be accompanied, advised and challenged by the future players of tomorrow.

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Going through a Junior Entreprise is also a challenging process for a company. Through recurrent exchanges with students who master the stakes and the recent changes in the economy, the realization of the business plan allows to redefine the contours of the project as well as the global strategy of the company.

But beyond the context of the study, a Junior Enterprise offers a very rich accompaniment for the client, allowing him to refine his value proposition and his model, by confronting it to an external view. Indeed, it is also an opportunity for the client to access a new and creative eye that the students in charge of the study will bring; which is particularly relevant for any type of project, and even more so for innovative start-ups. 


The final recommendations we propose allow our clients to clarify or even redefine their business model, and to refine their customer targeting to develop their business in the right direction. 

You want to make a business plan to launch your company, and a pitch deck to present your company to investors?

Save time and money and maximize your chances of raising funds.

The business plan and the pitch deck are key documents in the strategy of a company and the success of a fundraising.

The business plan produced by HEC Junior Conseil therefore follows a rigorous structure:

  1. Executive summary: a summary of the business plan
  2. Presentation of the project
  3. Market and competition study
  4. Strategy (sales and marketing)
  5. Financial modeling
  6. Timeline: provisional agenda


This structure is adapted during the design of the business plan, so that the final result serves a central objective: to prove the potential of the project, its attractiveness, its feasibility, and to convince investors when raising funds.

However, it is possible to carry out only one part (only the market part; or only the financial part) depending on the progress of the project and the target market. 


To make the Business Plan and the Pitch Deck, the Junior-Enterprise calls upon the students of the business school who already have experience of these missions. The complete and specialized profile of HEC Paris students allows them to perfectly understand the client's business sector.

Students in double-degree programs with Polytechnique or SciencesPo have a broader vision than the purely commercial aspect, and can therefore propose a particularly precise and documented business plan for complex sectors.


Moreover, unlike other players in the consulting sector, the HEC students who are in charge of the mission are very flexible as to the duration and content of the mission. Our great availability coupled with academic excellence and high standards allows us to complete a business plan very quickly (within a few weeks) while rigorously respecting our quality standards.

Example of a study conducted by HEC

A start-up that puts people in touch with each other called on HEC Junior Conseil to help them with their market study and their commercial and financial business plan, in order to convince business angels

The aim was to identify the scope of the jobbing market in France and to determine the comparative advantages of the start-up compared to its competitors, in order to highlight the potential of the project. 

The start-up finally succeeded in raising 17 million euros in funding, and has now become a popular scale-up in all European countries.

Find out more about the services offered by HEC Junior Conseil:

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