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Created in 1971, HEC Junior Conseil is the Junior-Enterprise of HEC Paris entirely managed by 18 students of the Grande Ecole Program. Thanks to its international network and its more than 50 years of experienceHEC Junior Conseil offers expert solutions and proven services in the fields of marketing, strategy, finance, communication, business creation and CSR. It works for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to CAC40 giants, in all sectors of activity:



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Trained by prestigious consulting firms such as KPMG, Olivier Wyman or AT Kearney, the 18 consultants of the Junior-Enterprise form a trusted team that will be able to meet your needs and convince you by its availability, its speed of execution and its professionalism. By calling upon the Junior Entreprise of HEC Paris, you will benefit from the expertise of more than 4500 French students and international students ready to work for you.

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Business plan

The business plan is the qualitative and quantitative formulation of your business project. It sets out the purpose of the business, its objectives, its strategy for achieving them and the ways and means of achieving success. It also demonstrates the economic viability of your project and the financial resources it requires.

Qualitative and quantitative study

Our top students work on strategic issues for your companyfrom your product positioning to your internal organisation, and then make recommendations to help your business grow. strong and sustainable growth of your business.

Market research

This work of collecting and analysing information on the characteristics of a market makes it possible to determine the potential of your product and optimise its launch.


Studying and analysing the management techniques, organisational methods and development strategy of your most successful competitors gives you a critical view of your company and presents you with many opportunities for improvement. critical look your company and offers you many opportunities for areas for improvement for your business.

Competitive intelligence

Focus group

3 steps for your project

Reception and diagnosis

After the callback, which will have enabled us to identify all the issues raised by your problem, we will send you an intervention proposal within 48 hours. This will present the methodology we have chosen to meet your needs.

Carrying out the study


Synthesis phase

When the study is completed, we will write a clear and visual final synthesis which will take up one by one the axes of the methodology used and present our conclusions and recommendations. This summary can be presented orally on request.

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February 14, 2023

Why call upon a Junior-Enterprise when you are a start-up?

More and more start-ups call upon Junior-Enterprises to carry out certain missions in order to survey their market or to confront their ideas to this market. Whether it is to reach ...

February 10, 2023

Testimony of a client on a business plan realized by HEC Junior Conseil

Business Plan for Dom et Vie: example of a study conducted by HJC
HEC Junior Conseil conducted four studies for Dom et Vie in 2021, proof of a successful retention of this company...

February 06, 2023

What is the difference between a benchmark and a competitive intelligence?

Benchmarking and competitive intelligence are two essential elements of a competitive or market study. But these two components are differentiated by the means used to conduct them...

February 01, 2023

2 examples of qualitative studies carried out by HEC Junior Conseil

What is a qualitative study?
What is a qualitative mission?
A qualitative study aims to evaluate criteria that are difficult to quantify. To do this, it is often...

January 31, 2023

A look back at the career of an alumnus of HEC Junior Conseil (an M&A)

HEC Junior Conseil is a structure that has been bringing together motivated HEC Paris students since 1971 who are committed to providing the best possible support to their clients. It counts more than 700 alumni, i.e. a...

January 20, 2023

What will tomorrow's EJ look like (CSR, prospective missions: Blockchain, cybersecurity, etc.)

Thirty years ago, the students of the Jouy-en-Josas campus met in the offices of HEC Junior Conseil to have access to computers and printers. Three decades ago, the...

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