What are the services offered by HEC Junior Conseil?

HEC Junior Conseil depends on HEC Paris and the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises. As such, our association provides consulting services to companies and individuals in the following fields: marketing, strategy, law, finance, and communication. Our services can be divided into three main categories: strategic work, financial work, and operational work.

Strategic services

Strategic services are those that aim to inform and advise the client on market opportunities and risks in order to define a business strategy. In most cases, this involves carrying out market studies and commercial and financial business plans, which HJC has specialized in for 50 years.

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However, our expertise does not stop there, we also carry out smaller but equally effective studies in order to allow the client to have all the necessary information to refine the strategy that he has previously established.

Thus, we intervene in the realization of establishment studies, i.e. in the search for an adequate and optimized location for the establishment of a new economic activity, as well as in the elaboration of communication plans and profitability studies. We also offer services focused on the study of the competition and its practices, HJC is used to competitive benchmarks, competitive intelligence and target screenings, a method of identifying players that may be interesting from the point of view of the client.

Financial benefits

HEC Junior Conseil also offers financial services. We carry out internal financial audits of companies as well as pre-audits to control and evaluate internal quality controls. We are also able to carry out due diligence, i.e. a verification of the strategic and financial documents of our clients in the phase that precedes the solicitation of a consulting firm. Furthermore, we have already had to prospect venture capital funds on behalf of our clients, in order to organize the first fund raising.

Operational services


Finally, HEC Junior Conseil carries out operational missions for our clients, i.e. missions that are directly related to the economic activity of our clients. This includes writing articles, translations or excel cleanings. We also offer mystery visits, the objective of which is for our clients to evaluate the proper conduct of customer and commercial processes.

The advantages of HEC Junior Conseil

HJC has 18 new administrators each year, trained by their elders in the association and by our partners KPMG, Julhiet Sterwen, KEARNEY and Oliver Wyman. HJC's professionalism is based as much on the quality of the training provided internally as on the skills of the students involved in the missions. Indeed, HJC is fortunate to have a pool of 4,000 national and international students on whom it can rely to carry out its assignments. The academic excellence and variety of double degrees offered (SciencesPo, AgroParisTech, École Polytechnique and others) and specialized masters (Strategic management, Marketing, Sustainability and Social Innovation etc...) allows HJC to hire profiles and skills specific to each mission.

The quality of the services offered by our Junior Entreprise is based, among other things, on our ability to hire M2 students to carry out the most complex missions. With one year of internship during their studies (in MBA, strategy consulting, marketing, etc.), these qualified students who already have a foot in the business world are a real added value for HJC; we can count on experienced profiles to meet the expectations of our clients.


A large panel of companies already solicit our services. On the one hand, we accompany entrepreneurs and their start-ups in the development of their project by carrying out market studies, commercial and financial business plans. On the other hand, we also work with large French and international companies or CAC40 companies that call on us to perform more specific tasks: documentary research, quantitative and qualitative studies, among others.


HJC provides its clients with academic excellence and professionalism that make its services extremely attractive. You will benefit from the fresh perspective of students on your issues as well as from the power of the school's alumni and international networks. 

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