The values of HEC Junior Conseil

Created in 1971, HEC Junior Conseil is a stable and proven structure that is committed to providing its clients with quality services in accordance with its values:

  • professionalism,
  • expertise,
  • the support of stakeholders,
  • the commitment of his team and
  • ethics.

These values, cultivated for more than 50 years, have enabled HEC Junior Conseil to build a solid and durable client base as well as an expertise that has led our structure to working with more than 85% of the CAC 40 companies. For 50 years, HEC Junior Conseil has presented :

A turnover of between 600,000 and one million euros per year

140 missions carried out each year


Professionalism is at the heart of HEC Junior Conseil's projects.

We are committed to respecting deadlines, to the availability and attentiveness of project managers, to the guarantee of confidentiality and to the quality of our deliverables. HEC Junior Conseil is concerned with the satisfaction of its customers throughout the missions, and pursues their long-term support.

The three-pronged training of HEC Junior Conseil's administrators is the guarantee of their professionalism: training in the school, training in the Junior-Enterprise and training in the companies.

First, the excellence training that students receive at HEC provides them with skills that they can directly apply during their HEC Junior Conseil assignments. HEC offers its students specialized courses as well as courses taught by renowned professors who listen to their students.

The courses followed by the students brilliantly mix theory and practice - such as the Entrepreneurship Certificate (a program that allows L3 students to follow the daily life of a start-up at Station F for a semester) - and thus lay the foundations for a comprehensive education, which is the basis for the expertise and professionalism of HEC Junior Conseil's services.

station f

In addition to their training within the school, HEC Junior Conseil's trainers receive Training specific to the Junior Entreprise. The directors acquire their professionalism during an intensive one-month training, carried out by the previous mandate, as well as during six months of bi-mandate. This is a handover, both at the operational and functional levels, ensuring that HEC Junior Conseil's know-how is passed on from year to year. This is guaranteed by an annual audit of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises, which establishes a regulated framework to ensure compliance with its requirements.

Finally, the directors of HEC Junior Conseil benefit from training provided by our partner companies. These trainings allow the administrators to acquire new skills and to offer services of a remarkable quality within HEC Junior Conseil. For example, every year they attend a training session by Oliver Wyman on customer relationship management, or a training session by our partner KPMG on Transaction Services.

Thus, HEC Junior Conseil is a stable and proven structure that demonstrates the professionalism of its members every year.

The expertise

HEC Junior Conseil guarantees the expertise of its services

Firstly, HEC has 4000 students of all nationalities, of all grades and on all continents. This means that we have a rich pool of students who are also specialized in various sectors and skills. Indeed, HEC has many specific masters and double degrees in various fields: a double degree with Polytechnique, a double degree with ENSAE for a specialization in data, a double degree in law with the Sorbonne and others... These specializations allow HEC Junior Conseil to carry out missions focused on very specific issues. HEC students benefit from quality training, provided by 120 internationally renowned teachers. Thus, HEC students are easily mobilized and demonstrate their expertise, a guarantee of the quality of our services, in a wide variety of sectors.

HEC campus

In addition to the expertise of HEC students, we have extensive resources that allow us to conduct highly accurate studies. We have unlimited access to more than 150 databases that allow us to provide quality deliverables to our clients. We also have a powerful network of 60,000 alumniWe have a powerful network of contacts that allows us to exchange with industry experts in all sectors. This network helps us, for example, to collect data for the qualitative and quantitative phases of our studies. Thus, HEC Junior Conseil has effective resources which are the basis of our expertise and which allow us to provide our clients with high value-added recommendations.

Stakeholder support

The support of the parties, which HEC Junior Conseil aims to provide, is based on three axes : that of the companies, that of the administrators and that of the participants.

            Firstly, HEC Junior Conseil accompanies its clients throughout the mission. Availability, listening and commitment to quality are our hallmarks. The directors of HEC Junior Conseil are committed to making themselves available to their clients, and to doing everything possible to meet the deadlines and quality requirements set with their clients. However, HEC Junior Conseil's support of companies is a long-term commitment. We especially appreciate offering our services to our former clients to follow up and meet their new needs. Bolloré, KKR, Ergalis, Partech Partners or Bain & Company are part of a clientele that HEC Junior Conseil has been accompanying for several years for their long-term strategic projects. This follow-up of our former clients, attesting to the quality of our services, is the basis of our stability for many years.

            HEC Junior Conseil not only accompanies its clients, but also its participants. They are monitored by HEC Junior Conseil administrators throughout their assignment. They ensure that the student's mission runs smoothly, from selection to compensation.

Did you know that?

Each year, HEC Junior Council forms a campus-elected term of 18 directors. The new mandate is formed around a six-week campaign, followed by intensive training conducted by their elders. The HEC Junior Conseil team thus forms a core group committed to providing its clients with services that meet their expectations. The HEC Junior Conseil directors develop a great efficiency in their teamwork which, coupled with their reactivity, allows them to provide their clients with quality deliverables within very competitive deadlines.


HEC Junior Conseil is careful to maintain an ethical approach to its missions

Firstlywe encourage, at our level, the ecological transition and the companies that contribute to it. For example, HEC Junior Conseil has created a partnership with the HEC Paris SSE gas pedal, which helps companies to change scale and amplify their social and environmental impact. Furthermore, our action respects the code of ethics.

Secondlythe missions we undertake systematically apply the teaching provided by HEC, which provides a double benefit: HEC Junior Conseil's clients receive quality services, supported by theoretical teaching, and the students put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired at HEC.

ThirdlyHEC Junior Conseil maintains a high opening rate (70%) as a testimony to the disinterested management of the association, whose primary goal is client satisfaction and professional experience for students.

HEC Junior Conseil ensures the proper follow-up of its clients; the administrators put all the means in place to provide them with quality deliverables and to establish a relationship of trust with its clients. This relationship of trust is based on the strict respect of the confidentiality clauses entrusted to the administrators of HEC Junior Conseil, their ability to listen and their flexibility.

If you are now convinced that HEC Junior Conseil is the right Junior-Enterprise for you, we invite you to contact us directly!

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