5 reasons to use HEC Junior Conseil

Created in 1971, HEC Junior Conseil is the Junior-Enterprise of HEC Paris entirely managed by students of the Grande Ecole programme. With its international network and 50 years of experience, HEC Junior Conseil offers expert and proven solutions for strategic, financial, communication and marketing issues. 

In this article, we present you the top 5 reasons to call on HEC Junior Conseil. 

An institution that has proven itself and continues to do so

HEC Junior Conseil has been in existence for more than 50 years and has become a real reference in the Junior-Entrepreneurial world. Since its creation, HEC Junior Conseil has carried out more than 2,500 missions and has already worked with nearly 90% of the CAC 40 companies . HEC Junior Conseil has an annual turnover of approximately 500k euros and carries out missions for nearly 140 companies each year. Thanks to its proximity to the students on campus, HEC Junior Conseil can mobilise more than 4,500 students of over 95 different nationalities. This diversity and multiculturalism allows us to have a better understanding of your issues and to a fresh and innovative look This diversity and multiculturalism allows us to have a better understanding of your issues and allows us to carry out assignments in different languages such as English, Spanish or German.  

5 reasons to use HEC Junior Conseil

A unique way of working

HEC Junior Conseil is a unique Junior-Enterprise in terms of the way it operates, which allows it to excel in its missions. Unlike other Junior-Enterprises, HEC Junior Conseil has chosen to work in close collaboration with Master 2 students, and students in double degrees from HEC Paris. Our strategic, financial and functional renderings are thus constantly carried out by 5th year graduate students.

These students have already completed all or part of their gap year in prestigious strategy consulting firms, private equity funds or CAC 40 groups, and this field experience has enabled them to acquire valuable operational experience that makes the difference during assignments. HEC Junior Conseil also has a wide range of students with double degrees from some of the world's most prestigious institutions (Polytechnique, ENSAE, ENS Paris, the Sorbonne, etc.) who can be called upon for assignments requiring more technical or in-depth skills in certain areas. This unique way of working is a guarantee of quality and allows HEC Junior Conseil to be among the best national and international Junior-Enterprises.  

Training forexcellence

With its 3 training axes - " in the School ", " in the Junior " and " in the Company " - HEC Junior Conseil's project managers follow an unparalleled academic training.  

Training in the School

The first axis of training for HEC Junior Conseil's project managers is " in-school " training. The Junior-Enterprises allow students to directly apply the theoretical skills they have acquired in internationally recognised courses. HEC Paris HEC Junior Conseil also allows Junior-Entrepreneurs to follow practical training and curricula - such as a L3 course called Entrepreneur Certificate or chairs such as the Digital Experience given by Capgemini. Over the years, HEC Junior Conseil has also developed extremely strong links with the faculty of HEC Paris. Some prestigious professors can sometimes accompany us on assignments and being able to mobilise them for these assignments can be a real asset. All these trainings mixing theory and practice in a brilliant way and a very favourable academic framework constitute the first pillar of our solid training at HEC Junior Conseil.  

Training in Junior

The second training pillar - " in the Junior The second training pillar - "" - is a pillar that relies on the coaching within the Junior-Enterprises themselves. The Junior-Entrepreneurs are partly trained by the previous mandates and therefore by members who already had the opportunity to develop their experience in these consultancy activities. The outgoing mandates are responsible for passing on their soft and hard skills to the incoming mandates and this is what contributes to maintaining the professionalism and excellence of the Junior-Enterprises over time. The new mandate of HEC Junior Conseil is trained for almost 6 months HEC Junior Conseil's new mandate is based on the same principles as the outgoing mandate before it can begin to carry out assignments independently. In collaboration with HEC Paris, HEC Junior Conseil has also set up an academy, the "JE academy", which consists of an intensive training over 3 weeks in January. During this academy, the outgoing mandate trains the new mandate at operational and functional levels in order to start the best possible transition. These 3 weeks of training and the 5 months that follow are one of the guarantees of the excellence of HEC Junior Conseil over time. 

Training in the Company

Finally, the third training pillar - " in the Company Finally, the third training pillar - "" - consists of training provided by our partner companies. These training courses are extremely formative and allow us to acquire additional skills that are essential in the context of our missions. HEC Junior Conseil is pleased to count Oliver Wyman, KPMG, Kearney and Julhiet Sterwen among its partners. Some of these courses are given directly to the consultants of these companies, which makes them challenging and particularly rewarding. Each year, the 18 project managers of HEC Junior Conseil participate for example in a training session on customer relationship management with Oliver Wyman or a training session on Transaction Services with our partner KPMG. 

The powerful international network of Europe's best business school and some of the most powerful databases in the world

Thanks to its experience and strong presence within HEC Paris, HEC Junior Conseil has privileged access to to one of the best alumni networks in the world. HEC Junior Conseil has established a privileged dialogue over the years with the HEC Paris Alumni network, which is made up of more than 60,000 alumni in the world's most prestigious companies around the globe. Easy access to these resources can be extremely valuable when it comes to conducting quantitative/qualitative research or seeking advice from long-time sector experts for an assignment.  

Another strength of HEC Junior Conseil is its access to more than 150 databases which are available to all its project managers. Among these databases, we have access to extremely rich databases such as Xerfi, Statista, Hoover and Corporama. Access to these databases allows us to be ever more precise and relevant on complex and constantly evolving themes. Access to rich and recognised databases allows us to increase the efficiency and quality of our work.  

Dedicatedsectoral expertise

Over the years, HEC Junior Conseil consultants have acquired unparalleled experience in a wide range of sectors. HEC Junior Conseil is now divided into 6 major dedicated divisions in order to optimise our operational expertise in all these sectors. Within these divisions, we have expertise in industry, agri-food, luxury goods, consulting, technology and fundraising for start-ups (biotech, fintech, medtech, etc.). This organisation allows us to respond precisely to your needs by enabling you to working with teams that are experts in the sector that interests you. 

If you are now convinced that HEC Junior Conseil is the right Junior-Enterprise for you, we invite you to contact us directly!

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