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Why do it? a market study ?

why conduct market research

Every year, more and more companies and individuals call upon Junior-Enterprises to carry out their market studies. HEC Junior Conseil carries out nearly one fifty or so each year HEC Junior Conseil has developed for more than 50 years a real expertise to carry out these market studies: these market studies are carried out as well for groups of the CAC 40 for very diverse markets such as construction, as for start-ups who wish to check the viability of their product in relation to a given market or to better know the market on which they wish to launch.

The purpose of market research is - as the name suggests - to gain a better understanding of a given market. The aim is to quantify the market (market sizing), The aim is to be able to bring out statistics and percentages in order to gain a better understanding of the market. The objective is also to understand the drivers of this market, to estimate its future trends - thus how it is likely to evolve in the future - and who the players are currently in it.

Market research usually includes market sizing, trend research, consumer and supplier research, and competitive research. When the target market is very specific, or to have more precise data, it is sometimes necessary to include a quantitative or qualitative study in the market research in order to collect additional data.

In order to obtain relevant and optimal data for your market, HEC Junior Conseil also has access to more than 150 paid databases which allow our experienced students to provide you with the most efficient reports possible.

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5 steps for your project

data collection market research

1. Quantitative/qualitative research phase if additional data collection is needed

data collection market research

2. Data collection, in particular through the 150 databases to which HEC Junior Conseil has access

data collection market research

3. Structuring the market research according to the specificities of the market

data collection market research

4. Formatting the market research

data collection market research

5. Delivery of the final deliverable (in Powerpoint format) and strategic recommendations

The advantages of HEC Junior Conseil in conducting market research

data collection market research

Ease of data collection

We have privileged access to over 150 databases. To collect additional data, HJC has established a close link with the network of 68,000 alumni of HEC Paris, and the academic faculty of HEC Paris, which allows us to benefit from the expertise of recognised experts in all markets.

knowledge market research

A thorough knowledge of market research

HEC Junior Conseil involves students who are used to working on market research issues HEC Junior Conseil: our students usually come from one year of internships in the largest strategy consulting firms and put this experience to work in your market research. Some of our consultants have also graduated from the Msc in Strategic Management - ranked number 1 in the world for Masters in Management (QS, 2021, The Economist, 2019) - which enables them to deliver excellent quality market research.


Sector expertise

HEC Junior Conseil also has sectoral expertise in a very large number of sectors, which is a necessary condition for conducting excellent market research: HEC Junior Conseil can call on double degrees from Polytechnique for engineering, AgroParisTech for agronomy, the Sorbonne in law or economics, or ENSAE for data. This diversity of profiles enables us to produce excellent quality market research, even on issues as technical as blockchain or artificial intelligence.

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