Conducting a
Focus Group

Why focus groups can bring added value for your business?

Focus groups are often unknown to the general public, but their use can be extremely useful when you want to launch a new offer or improve an existing offer. HEC Junior Conseil is used to organising focus groups for large CAC 40 groups or for smaller companies or start-ups.

Focus groups are a meeting that ideally brings together between 8 and 10 people, at the heart of your target, they represent the typical clients of your company. The focus group allows you to to bring out ideas or validate the ones you have.

This is a discussion led either by the project leaders or by a paid external speaker (preferably a psycho-sociologist), who will ask questions of the consumers and build on their descriptions of their experiences.

During this discussion, we try to understand which words are most important to your customers, for example, in order to understand exactly what they want. evocative for your customers, in order to understand exactly what they want. expectations they have of your company. The aim of this focus group would be to use the consumer's own words, to make sure that they can relate to the products they buy. This allows us to be able to refine your marketing strategy or modify your offer according to your customers' expectations. Compared to a quantitative or qualitative study, the focus group has the advantage of allowing consumers to speak much more freely, to understand what they think spontaneously and how to seduce them. After these focus groups, HEC Junior Conseil will provide you with a summary of our strategic recommendations based on our observations of these group sessions.

For example, HEC Junior Conseil organised two focus groups for SNCF Mobilités to find out how the Intercités business could adapt to the rise in competition (carpooling, buses, etc.) in order to win over new customers and retain current users.

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5 steps for your project

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1. Determination of typical customers or targets for our client and contact phase

data collection market research

2. Preparation of the framework and identification of the objectives of the focus group sessions

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3. Organisation of the Focus Group workshop with the presence of HEC Junior Conseil's directors and the client

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4. Analysis phase of the Focus Group sessions

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5. Delivery of final deliverables and policy recommendations

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