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Why conduct a quantitative study or qualitative ?

For nearly 50 years, HEC Junior Conseil has developed real expertise in conducting quantitative and qualitative research. Each year, HEC Junior Conseil carries out more than forty quantitative and qualitative studies for a wide variety of clients, ranging from individuals wishing to launch their own project, to CAC 40 companies, to start-ups raising spectacular amounts of money. Through this type of research, HEC Junior Conseil helps its clients to better understand a need, their clientele or a market.

Quantitative/qualitative studies make it possible to collect and quantify data that were not previously available. This data is collected by administering questionnaires to the target population: for example, company managers are asked a number of questions to find out their labour needs since the Covid crisis. The needs of quantitative or qualitative studies are very diverse: they can allow for a better understanding of the needs of its consumers to improve its existing offer, to analyse the expectations of consumers for the launch of a new product, or more simply to obtain precise data to give more credibility to its bank or its investors when it wishes to finance its project.

In addition to this data collection, we also produce a synthesis of this data In addition to this data collection, we also produce a Powerpoint presentation which allows our clients to have a ready-to-use report with our recommendations. These summaries are produced by our experienced students who are used to playing with and interpreting large amounts of data.

The analysis carried out is generally based on three statistical tools:

A horizontal analysis

Each question is analysed for specific trends.

A vertical analysis

A report of the most interesting responses is produced to give a clear picture of the needs.

A cross-sectional analysis

We cross-reference the responses to see more precisely the major trends that emerge according to the different companies and the different profiles interviewed. The cross-sectional analysis is a decisive point in this analysis work because it is this analysis that will allow us to identify trends with the greatest added value. By cross-referencing data, we can, for example, segment a clientele in order to identify more precisely the needs of customers according to their situation.

It is this type of analysis that is most important and to which HEC Junior Conseil attaches great importance in its analyses.

The successive implementation of these processes allows the knowledge potential of the raw data collected to be exploited to the full.

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6 steps for your project

data collection market research

1. Creation of the list of people to be interviewed for the study

data collection market research

2. Conducting the questionnaire in collaboration with the client

data collection market research

3. Data collection: administration of questionnaires

data collection market research

4. Analyses of the data collected (horizontal, vertical and cross-sectional analyses)

data collection market research

5. Formatting of the analyses for a final output that can be directly used by the client

data collection market research

6. Delivery of final reports to the client (raw data (Excel format), and final synthesis (Powerpoint format) and strategic recommendations

The advantages of HEC Junior Conseil for your quantitative and qualitative studies

Ease of data collection

Ease of data collection

HEC Junior Conseil has a great facility to collect data HEC Junior Conseil has developed an expertise in data collection and questionnaire administration over the years, with nearly a thousand quantitative and qualitative studies carried out. This methodology allows us to obtain extremely high response rates and will save you time and money.

specific targets quali quanti study

Access your specific targets

HEC Junior Conseil has established a close link with the network of 68,000 alumni of HEC Paris, and the academic faculty of HEC Paris, which allows us to access your potential targets with great ease and to obtain very precise and relevant data.

For example, HJC will allow you to administer questionnaires to very specific targets such as CEOs of large companies or potential B2B customers in very specific sectors.


Valuable strategic analysis and recommendations

Valuable strategic analyses and recommendations: our directors are trained by leading strategy consulting firms such as Kearney or Oliver Wyman, which enables them to provide you with analyses with very high added value. For example, HEC Junior Conseil places great importance on cross-cutting analyses and strategic recommendations that are a source of real added value for the client.

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